How To Switch Accountant

Nobody wants to be faced with missed deadlines or overlooked information when they change the way their finances are managed, so it is important for your new accountants to be on top of things to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

The process

It’s Easier Than You Imagine

Simple Three step process

  • Contact Us
  • Free Consultation
  • Change over.

The first step is to contact  MAT Team for a discussion about your needs and what you want from your accountants. We can help you to decide on a package which suits you and meets all your financial requirements and work out an affordable monthly rate which won’t change, no matter how often you need to contact us.

Once you have decided to move to MAT, we will do all the leg-work of contacting your current accountant to let them know about your intention to change. We will request all your records pertaining to your accountancy and taxation records to enable us to make the switch as easy and efficient as possible.

Most accountants are familiar with the process by which clients switch their accounts and provide all the necessary information in a timely fashion. Some might charge an administration charge for the collation of the necessary paperwork, but if you are current in your fees then you shouldn’t encounter any problems. At MAT, we take control of the changeover process in order to ensure that nothing gets missed and that your financial management is always in safe hands.

When can I switch accountants?

Although you can switch accountants at any point which suits you, most people find it easiest to do so at the end of their financial year. This means that your current accountant will not have started work on the file, making the handover process easier and ensuring that all loose ends can be tied up easily.

However, no matter what time of year it is, MAT is always happy to discuss your financial needs and offer the benefit of our expertise and experience to ensure that you are enjoying the very best service. We specialize in making it easy for anyone to switch to us, and offer a uniquely personal service with every client being offered a dedicated accountant and tailored packages which are designed to suit your needs exactly.

If you have any questions or would like to appoint us as your accountant, call us on 02080905025 or email

Don’t miss out. Switch today

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